Me – so… Umm… Are you lesbian?

She– No man… I just love her so much like I’ve never loved anyone else…and she loves me the same… That’s not make me fucking lesbian…

Me – Well… Touché 🙂


Bad is a new good!

And you can’t blame anyone for spoiling your planned surprises

even when the person who spoiled it is the one whom you were planning for.

BC you know, but they don’t… they may have their own “other” plans…

so…if you are expecting to give someone some kinda surprise… also be ready for the unexpected or instant mood of theirs


have you ever felt so light in between all of your worries?

Like you’ve found the secrets of ultimate pleasure… or you’ve got 100s of 1000s of Nutella jars as gift… 😂😂

but In reality… you’re just feeling light and good for no virtual reason…

It’s definitely the sense of someone that makes you calm 🤗🤗