That’s not that Weird.

I used to thought…that one who promise us something, always means the same….

but you know… that’s not how it goes… Circumstances change your way of thinking… And if you don’t have that strong will… Chances of breaking promises come to a high note…

I’ve seen many who promise someone something and never keep it like that…

but…as the title says… “that’s not that weird” 🙂

anyway…. Keep following my blog… I’ve many things to share with y’all. ❤



Good people

Unintentionally… It’s you who making me rigid. Making me tough to handle the circumstances I’ve never been in before. Now, I can face anything which comes in my way…Not delight(ly), But you know… I can face anything.

I’m glad you came into my life and hit me with your sacred thoughts, which I had fallen for.

By thinking about you on this day…

I’m starting my 2018.

Happy New Year Bloggers


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