Good people

Unintentionally… It’s you who making me rigid. Making me tough to handle the circumstances I’ve never been in before. Now, I can face anything which comes in my way…Not delight(ly), But you know… I can face anything.

I’m glad you came into my life and hit me with your sacred thoughts, which I had fallen for.

By thinking about you on this day…

I’m starting my 2018.

Happy New Year Bloggers


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have you ever felt so light in between all of your worries?

Like you’ve found the secrets of ultimate pleasure… or you’ve got 100s of 1000s of Nutella jars as gift… 😂😂

but In reality… you’re just feeling light and good for no virtual reason…

It’s definitely the sense of someone that makes you calm 🤗🤗

Stucked there!

they asked her…

“who you will come up with?”

“the one who will leave you and make you numb… And will come back when you are being fine…

or the one who will be with you… When you are numb??”

She smiled and said,”obviously the second one”…

and then she lived happily with the one who left her… 😁😁


I was just Instagramming and instantly I had a thought about her… I searched her name to check whether she is on instagram or not …. And she has made a profile there too…

and then I again gone to past…

silly me!

you may give thousands of opinions to others to let something go…but when it comes to you…you just don’t know what to do …☺☺